Traveling patients with medical needs

If you are on Oxygen and planning a trip:

If you are on oxygen and thinking of planning a trip, Duke Medical Equipment needs to be included in your preplanning, you should contact your local office at least two weeks prior to your trip if you plan to travel in the United States.  If your travel plans include foreign travel, your Duke medical Equipment location will need at least a month to help you with your plans.   Many things need to be considered about your travel including whether you are flying or driving and also if your destination will have appropriate electrical service for your oxygen.  Making plans far enough ahead of time for your travel will greatly affect the ability of your local office to help with your travel needs.

Traveling with PAP Equipment:

Many people with PAP equipment travel.  Call your local Duke Medical Equipment office for advice on traveling with your CPAP.  Routine considerations for travel with PAP equipment would be:
  • Does your destination have the same type of plug and wattage?
  • Are you going to fly?  If so, are you going to check your pap or carry it on?
  • Locate the bag that your PAP came in so that you can carry it conveniently.
  • If you are going to travel via RV, make sure you have the adapter for the connection in your RV such as cigarette lighter adapter or the correct connection.
  • Your Duke Medical Equipment location can help you with these and other travel issues.